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Sculptural Industrial Design

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Years experience free form Digital Sculpting

fast 3D Print block

Expert in model creation for Additive Manufacturing

interior design houston elements

Established in short run and mass Additive Manufacturing 

3d prints and prototype design

Comprehensive project consultation and instruction

Through Additive Manufacturing and digital sculpture, we can now customize individual products at premium quality. 

3D printed skull headphone design by
                                                                                      modern Mold

WIP 02.15.19

3D Architectual container home design by Marco Valenzuela
3D Sculpted Archangel Mens ring
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3D Skull Rock Digital Sculpt
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3D Print Indian Chief Skull
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Lone Star Signet Ring 3D Print
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3d Printed Skull Ring Design
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Custom 3D Texas Signet Ring
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3D printed Skull cell phone case
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CAD Industrial 3D Print
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3D printed spinning gear ring
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3D Printed Gold Medal
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Custom trophy design - James Coney
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Lion Head Roaring Men's Silver Ring
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GeekWire 3D Print Award Medals
3d character sculpt for kids
3d print NBA players
3D printed Medical Device
gamer 3d prints for geeks
miniature digital designs
3d sculpted toy designs for 3d prints
snake 3d print
Lifelike 3d sculpture of famous people
custom chocolate 3d print
custom 3d print trophy award

Raised in Austin, Tx

Lives & works in Houston, Tx

Deeply creative with 16 years in the Visual and Design industry have supported a natural progression from positions in design consulting to CEO. In line with a life long passion for the arts, and an expansive skill set, he is now Co-Founder of Houston based Additive Design Studio

When Marco is not focused on developing products he enjoys swimming, visiting historic sites, and photography. 


2014 - Winner of MyMiniFactory Design Competition

2014 - Winner of Spotlight Artist for NY Printing Con


2014 - 3D Artist Magazine; vol 66

2015 - 3D Printing Industry.Com, Fabaloo.Com

2016 - 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft; Textbook

2017 - RaspberryPi.Org


2010 -University Of Houston 

2017 - Austin School of Film 


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